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    Welcome to Interlingua

    Interlingua is a dynamic language school based in Lisburn, offering language classes for adults and children. Our tutors are qualified fluent speakers and have many years’ experience in teaching languages to adults and children.

    Languages are a great skill in life and at Interlingua we help people achieve their goal of learning a language or improving their language skills. Students, young and old, come to us for many reasons: some want to learn a language as a hobby or a challenge, some want to improve their chances of passing exams, many want to achieve a level that will help them get employment or work experience abroad.


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    About us

    Interlingua is a dynamic language service provider based in Lisburn. We offer language courses in World's major languages.

    We have a network of highly qualified language trainers, translators and interpreters to fulfill all our clients' language needs.

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