Arabic Lessons

Learn Arabic with the help from one of our Experienced Teachers

Does“ahlan wa sahlan” just about sum up your Arabic language skills? Do you want to impress your friends and family ahead of your summer holidays? Do you want to give your CV a boost by learning Arabic?

Then say a big “Marhaba” to Interlingua’s Arabic classes! Whether you are a complete beginner or wanting to improve your Arabic language skills, you will find the right Arabic course with Interlingua.

Arabic Lessons Overview



Interlingua’s Arabic classes are held in small groups and run by experienced native teachers. Our teachers will do everything to keep the lessons fun and interactive and help you improve your speaking skills and give you a solid foundation of the lingua.


Apart from supporting you in class, our teachers will guide to Arabic events in Belfast and organise group outings (Arabic restaurants, Arabic movie night) to allow you to practice your newly acquired Arabic skills and explore the Arabic culture.


You will also receive regular emails (in Arabic) with tips on how to improve your Arabic language skills and links to a tried and tested language websites and videos so you will keep practicing your Arabic outside the classroom!

Arabic Classes

High Beginners Arabic (A1-2)


Are you ready for the next level and want to discover more Arabic? This course is suitable for you if you already know how:

To introduce yourself

Ask for directions


Order a meal in a restaurant

You will further explore Arabic and gain a solid grammar foundation to enable you to further progress in your Arabic learning journey.

Date/ Time: Tuesdays 7pm-9pm

Venue: Lisburn City Hall

Holiday Arabic (Beginners)

Going on holiday soon to an Arabic speaking country? Come and join us for 5 weeks of fun Arabic lessons and learn the basics. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

Introduce yourself and ask simple questions about others.

Ask for directions


Order drinks and food in restaurant and bars

Our focus in this Holiday Spanish/French/ Arabic course is on developing your speaking to prepare you for your Spanish/French/Arabic holidays

Date/ Time: Thursdays 7pm-9pm

Venue: Lisburn City Hall

One to One Arabic Lessons



If you are interested in bespoke Arabic lessons, we would be happy to arrange private Arabic lessons to suit your availability and language needs. Please enquire below and one of our team member will be in contact with you.


Other Levels of Arabic Lessons



If you are looking for another course, do not hesitate to ask us about exam preparation (GCSE Arabic, A-Level Arabic ect…), Business Arabic or other levels.

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