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Interlingua is a dynamic language service provider based in Lisburn, offering language classes for adults and children, GCSE tuition, language training and translation. Our tutors are qualified fluent speakers and have many years’ experience in teaching languages to adults and children.

“Interlingua provided an excellent and extremely enjoyable introduction to basic and business French. My colleagues and I had a very limited knowledge of the French language and from the outset Intelingua tutors put us at ease. The lessons were very interactive and progressed at a pace that we were all comfortable with. I would thoroughly recommend Interlingua”.

Alastair Dawson, Omexom, UK & Ireland

We have worked with Interlingua now for the last three years to provide our pupils with an introduction to Arabic.  Rym has been able to motivate and enthuse our students with her interactive and communicative approach to teaching and learning languages.  She has worked primarily with Sixth Form pupils who have very much enjoyed the insights their language learning has given them into the culture of the Arab Speaking world as well as highlighting the benefit of learning language for future career prospects.     The online business Arabic course proved to be a great way to support pupils in their home learning and the links to InvestNI provided students with a real insight into the work of NI companies in the Middle East.  In October 2016 Rym organised an Arabic conference which was attended by 60 pupils from all over Northern Ireland.  The feedback from pupils and teachers who attended was excellent.  There was a mix of activities and workshops for the pupils to take part in and again it was an excellent way to engage the pupils.  Rym has also taught a series of lessons with our Primary 4 pupils in the Preparatory Department and it was brilliant to see the work they produced.  The ability to offer Arabic lessons in our school has really broadened the scope of our 6th Form Enrichment Programme and we could not have been successful without the help of Rym at Interlingua.

Jemma Davison, Senior Vice Principle, Methodist College Belfast

Languages are a great skill in life and Interlingua can help you achieve your goal of learning a language or improving your language skills. Students, young and old, come to us for many reasons: some want to learn a language as a hobby or a challenge, some want to improve their chances of passing exams, many want to achieve a level that will help them get employment or work experience abroad.

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