Learning a Language: The passport to a more rewarding future

The benefits of learning a language for your career:

Interlingua can help you meet the demand and expand your language learning offering. Our courses are designed to help prepare students for the future, improving their performance academically and on the jobs market:

Increase Your Prospects & Learn a Language:

Better academic achievement and exam results.

Enhanced social and communication skills.


Higher earnings; more competitive in the global market.

Expanded professional, travel and academic opportunities.

“Brexit must make the UK’s language skills a top policy issue…Language skills are vital for our exports, education, public services and diplomacy.”

All Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Languages Co-chair Baroness Coussins

Language Tuition

Build up your confidence and get your verbal, listening and written language skills to the level you want before the exam season.

We can provide the help you need with the aid of teachers who have an in-depth knowledge of examination board syllabuses and exam techniques.

We understand how important exams are!

GCSE & A Level Exam Tuition

At your home during a time that suits


School Curriculum

Get assistance with the normal school curriculum

Professional & Caring Advice

From fluent native speakers

Maximise Exam Results

Get the best exam result with our expert tuition

Language Immersion Weekends

With Interlingua’s residential weekends your pupils can benefit from a full language immersion experience right here in Northern Ireland. Our programme provides total engagement, practical and cultural, in the language being studied: French or Spanish.

Friday evening through Sunday afternoon

Junior: Year 8-10 Senior: GCSE Level Year 11 & 12


Classes delivered by native speakers.

Practice oral and listening skills.

Social and cultural programmes every evening, including food, films, music and games, all in the target language.

Language Summer Camps

Our summer camp is like entering a new country. Each day is packed with fun activities, learning and discovery. Young people are immersed in the target language and culture in ways they cannot experience in a classroom setting.

15 hours chosen language per week

Afternoon dedicated to sport activities (still using target language)

Evening social and creative activities


1 week from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon

Cultural programmes every evening, including food, films, music and games, all in the target language.

Certificate in Languages for Business

This recognised qualification is awarded by the Institute of Linguists Educational Trust, the registered charity of the Chartered Institute of Linguists which sets the standard for language qualifications.

Topics: Companies & organisation, business correspondence, communication, international travel, sales & marketing, customer service, rules & regulations.

Languages offered: French and Spanish.

  • The job-focused approach helps combat the decline in the uptake of languages at GCSE and A-Level.
  • A genuinely useful enrichment course for 6th Form students.

The Ofqual accredited Level 2 qualification is designed to upskill students in the practical application of languages specific to the world of work, filling a gap in the market.

The course is mapped against national and European occupational language standards.


Classes delivered by native speakers.

Students gain aluable transferable skills – problem solving, communication, cultural understanding

through a programme of authentic work related scenarios and tasks involving speaking, writing and listening.

Benefits: Delivers a qualification which reflects a practical application of languages. Enhances access to a language qualification for all abilities.

  • The job-focused approach helps combat the decline in uptake of languages at GCSE and A-Level.
  • A genuinely useful enrichment course for 6th form students.

Arabic Enrichment Programme

The British Council has called for languages to become ‘a national priority’ to make up for the shortfall in language skills and present the UK as outward-looking, competitive and open for business post-Brexit.

“As one of the six official UN languages, Arabic can be a real boost for careers in international organisations and diplomacy and international trade.” The British Council

The British Council ranked Arabic as the number 2 language of the future for trade, business, diplomatic, security and future high growth markets.

4th most widely spoken language in the world.

15% of UK employers seek people familiar with the language and culture.


We are the leader in Arabic teaching across Northern Ireland

growing number of schools, such as Methodist College Belfast, already offering Arabic through our services.


Native speakers develop and deliver Interlingua Arabic classes

Develop basic communication skills and an appreciation for this rich culture.

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